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Welcome to Captain Icon

Once upon a time there was a youngling who was passionate about drawing since he was a child.

He wanted to share his hobby with the world.

One day he had a brilliant idea: make an amazing free icon set.

Captain Icon

Captain Icon knows that creating something new is really hard. He wants to help you avoid these 3 hard steps.

to see the design process of this free icon set, put the cursor over the image


A resource for designers

Captain Icon wants to guide people of all skills, from rookies to experienced designers.

Captain Icon have CC licence with Attribution - ShareAlike (CC BY-SA).
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You can use it in your personal and commercial projects.


Captain Icon has worked hard to bring you a fully customizable free icon set so you can change everything you want, from size to color through shapes, nodes and much more.

Because Captain Icon knows exactly how you work, he has created everything you need for graphic or vector design applications.



You have a huge range of colors to choose. Below you can try it by changing the color of the example icon.

Have fun changing the colors until you find the ones that suits you!

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About the author

Hi! My name is Mario and I'm from Valladolid, Spain. I love working as a designer because it's my passion as well.

I strongly believe in the power of a story behind a design. I like to transmit emotions, that everything I create becomes a living being.

You can find me in Dribbble, Behance, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can contact me by email.


If you got this far ... Thank you
I really appreciate it!

Download now and enjoy of this free icon set without limits!!

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Thank for appreciating the effort done in this project and value all the work and time invested. I Hope you enjoy it!